Performance Cummins tuning for Dodge Ram 2006 and up.

  • You are an entrepreneur who always has a trailer hooked to the hitch of his truck

  • You are a mechanic lover who wants to modify his truck to develop Horsepower and torque

  • You want to pull your camper without having to slow down uphill and get overtaken by a GM or a Ford!

  • You are an outdoor enthusiast who likes to enjoy his Dodge Ram off the beaten track

  • Do you or do you want to compete in pulling? Drag racing?

Installing personalized performance Cummins tune allows you to modify the behavior of your truck to meet your needs.

Here are the benefits you could enjoy:

  • Increase your 6.7L engine’s life

  • Reduce your truck’s diesel consumption

  • Faster engine response

  • Eliminate original programming related problems

  • Increase power and torque in order to pull higher loads.

  • Eliminate DPF, ure pump, nox sensor and EGR valve codes

  • Improve pedal response leaving a stop sign or a red light with faster spool speed.

Technicien installant une programmation

After installing performance tune, a session on the Dyno will:

  • Confirm that tuning is doing its job and that the HP gain is what is as expected.

  • Helps ensure EGT remains at a safe level for the engine.

  • Allows the technician to check that the transmission is working properly

  • You’re an outdoor enthusiast who likes to enjoy his RAM off the beaten track

  • Allows the technician to inspect and listen for component noises that require follow-up or repair.

Cadrans dans un Dodge Ram


Do you want to modify your truck and give it more Horsepower?

It’s important to consider the impact this new power will have on your transmission. Some transmission codes are fatal. Installing a transmission tune on your truck will protect and prevent problems.

Here’s what transmission programming will improve on your truck:

  • Customize your transmission behavior to your driving style.

  • Prevent gears slipping during rapid acceleration

  • Prevent transmission overheating

  • Fix quick starts problems or codes


To increase your engine’s performance, we delete the emission control system and modify the programming.

Installing the delete will resolve the urea pump problems, the lack of power and eliminate the codes of the anti-pollution system (Cnox sensor, DPF pressure sensor, etc.). You will also gain Horsepower.

We can only do this modification on Dodge Ram 2007 and up.

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