SML Diesel Performance, the place for your Dodge RAM diesel.

Whether you’re buying parts, entrusting the work to our experts or even embarking on a Cummins swap project, we can provide you with the necessary for improving and optimizing your pickup.

Take advantage of our expertise today and take your RAM to the next level with SML Diesel Performance!

Our performance kits

Cummins 6.7L
Cummins 12 valves 5.9L
Cummins 5.9L 24 valve turbo diesel

Would you like to receive bonus content, information on upcoming events and my best strategies related to the performance of the Dodge Ram truck and its Cummins engine?

1 000 000 km avec un RAM !!!

Possible or impossible ??

Daniel Lamoureux - Cummins Performance Specialist

You enjoy doing your own mechanics…

Our online store offers a wide selection of specialized parts and accessories, so you can refurbish and modify your transmission, Cummins engine and more.

The ordering process is simple, allowing you to easily get the parts you need. You have the choice to have your order shipped straight to your door or come pick it up at our Longueuil garage.


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